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Roylco Colored Rice

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Non-toxic multi colored rice can be used for various art projects as well as making a welcome addition to your sensory table activities.

Sensory Activities

Draw pictures on paper and paint with glue then sprinkle rice on top. Instant texture and 3D effects!

Coloured rice is the perfect fun addition for a multitude of sensory activities:

  • Pour rice into a shallow tray for children to trace letters or numbers with
  • Pour rice into a deeper bin for an I Spy game of finding hidden objects mixed in to the rice
  • Put rice into a cloth bag (not see through) with objects mixed in, as above, and have the child put their hand in the Mystery Bag to figure out what they’re holding without pulling it out
  • Use funnels, scoops, ladles and jugs for pouring and transferring activities
  • Mix puzzle pieces into the rice that must be found to put together a puzzle
  • Vary the size of objects mixed in with the rice (the smaller the item the more challenging for the pincer grip and developing fine motor skills) and the manner in which they are retrieved (fingers, tongs, spoons…)
  • Use a clear tray fitted to the top of the Roylco Light Cube Table (Light Cube Table accessory kit) and create a rice sensory activity on the light cube

This 1lb bag (454gr) contains enough rice to make many art projects.




Additional information

Weight .455 kg
Dimensions 14 x 19 x 3 cm


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