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Got some kids really into the creepy crawlies in your classroom or home? This kit of real insect xrays will really whet their appetite for learning more. It is also an excellent addition to your light table work.

About Insect X-Rays

Teachers will find this set of insect x-rays to be a versatile addition to STEM learning and scientific inquiry. There are essentially two parts to the set. The first part includes insect images that are printed in full colour on heavy cardstock, which ensures durability. The cards are double sided and feature the top and belly views of the insects.

In addition, the second part contains the insect x-rays. Simply lay the insect x-ray over top of the cards to see how the internal structures relate to the external structures.

Insect Classification

This material is an excellent tool to aid students in classification of insects – is it a Bug, Insect or Spider? Children learn about insect biology, diets and where they live, plus interesting facts. Therefore, the set is perfect for complementing inquiry based learning and stimulating a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Inspire them to go on a bug hunt and see if you can catch a true insect, a true bug or a spider. What are the differences?

Teachers can use the included guide to help plan lesson activities suitable for preschool to adolescent learners. The guide also includes scientific names of each insect and the order they belong to.

Elementary Schools and Homeschools

A wealth of information is included in the instruction guide about the insects their habitats, behaviours and skeletal systems. Develop lesson plans to satisfy learning outcomes in a wide range of subjects from science, social studies and literacy, to creative arts and geography.

Montessori Schools

The instruction guide included in this package contains enough information about the insects and their habitats, behaviours and skeletal systems to create many extension activities for the Montessori classroom. Therefore, guides can quickly and easily make classification cards, nomenclature cards, booklets and language materials based on the information included.

Light Table Activity

X-rays are perfectly sized to view on the Roylco Light Cube. View several at once by one child or as a group activity.

No light table? No problem, hold the x-rays up to a window, flashlight or light.

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Package Contains

  • 36 heavyweight full colour cards 10cm x 15cm (4″ x 6″)
  • 36 x-rays, up to 9cm x 13cm (3.5″x 5″)
  • Illustrated guide including insect facts, vocabulary, scientific names, habitat and range as well as many activity suggestions.

Recommended Age

  • Ages 4+
  • Elementary and Homeschool classrooms, Montessori Casa and Elementary classrooms

Share your successes!

Have a lesson plan that was particularly useful? Found a fantastic and engaging way to use these X-rays? Need a suggestion on an extension activity?

Comment in the Reviews tab! Share with the Puzzle Heads Community!

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