Traditional Wooden Monarch puzzle

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My traditional wooden puzzles also draw strongly from the Montessori philosophy. The Montessori method taught me about focussing on simple concepts and directing the attention to one idea at a time. The Monarch was designed with this in mind – large images, front and center with little distraction in the background. To add an element of interest I cut the puzzle pieces using irregular shapes to give them more of a challenge – don’t be fooled into thinking the 25 pieces will be a breeze. There are no edge pieces or corner pieces to start with, no large areas of sky to fill in first….every piece is curved, knobbed, wavy or notched. Can you find the mini Butterfly shaped pieces? They’re called “figurals”.

  • Monarch butterfly, milkweed fluff and a caterpillar larva on a milkweed leaf
  • Caterpillar is cut in three pieces to allow comparison of the two ends – which end is the head ??
  • Caterpillar feet are cut with a pointy zig zag to highlight the pointed thoracic feet (head end) and a flattened cut to highlight the flat rear feet (also note the longer antennae on the head end)
  • Interesting butterfly facts are printed on the base of the puzzle
  • Images are silkscreened with water based non toxic paints on Baltic Birch plywood and finished with water based varnish.
  • 11” x 11”
  • No  knobs, one puzzle piece has a discreet notch making it easier to lift out the first piece

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