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Design Process

Custom Design Process

Wondering what it means to custom design with Puzzle Heads Educational Products? In addition to our line of unique Montessori-inspired wooden puzzles and educational materials, we collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life. Yes, seriously! We’re committed to crafting materials that are truly one-of-a-kind and not found elsewhere.

But this isn’t your typical custom design service. It’s a collaborative partnership. Similar to our distinctive Montessori materials, our custom design service stands out. And here’s the best part — there are no hidden catches. Keep reading!

Your Wish List

Do you ever wish you had that one additional component to enhance your existing materials? Or perhaps you’re seeking something specific and regionally significant for your learners? If you’ve found yourself endlessly searching the internet without success, it’s time to reach out and share your idea with us.

An excellent example of our custom design process is our collaboration with the Nisga’a First Nation in northern British Columbia. They sought puzzles representing their family clans for their language learning program, resulting in the Eagle Clan, Wolf Clan, Killer Whale Clan, and Frog Clan puzzles.

We also partnered with a school district in Alaska to create custom puzzles highlighting plants and animals significant to their region, giving rise to the Bear puzzle and Salmon Lifecycle puzzle.

Some of our products even originated from a contest where you, the community, voted on the next puzzle design. That’s how the Pumpkin puzzle came to be.

How Does Custom Design Work?

Our unique custom design service operates as a collaboration, without any additional fees. Simply share your suggestion or wish list with Puzzle Heads, and together, we’ll assess the opportunity. In some cases, we may need more information about your product idea and its potential audience.

Please note that we prioritize products with broader market appeal beyond individual schools. If your idea meets our criteria, it will join the Puzzle Heads Educational product lineup and be available for others to purchase on our website as well. All rights and proceeds remain with Puzzle Heads, but you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your idea enrich educational professionals and students worldwide!

Why Offer Custom Design?

In a market saturated with educational materials and price driven competition, innovation and quality often take a back seat. Our custom design service ensures that Puzzle Heads produces products with promising market potential, rewarding you with a unique and high quality product.

Due to our reputation for high quality materials, we receive frequent requests for creating custom products. But not everyone can afford custom design work. This is why we developed this unique collaboration structure that is a win-win for everyone. By partnering with us, you’re supporting small businesses, handmade craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and local shopping. Thank you for your support!

Ready to bring your idea to life? Send it to us here.