Puzzleheads Educational Products



Our Workshop

Our woodworking process begins in our workshop with carefully selected premium quality Baltic birch plywood. Each piece is inspected and chosen for its durability and natural beauty. Subtle knots or natural characteristics of the wood may be visible in the final products. We celebrate the uniqueness of each piece and showcase what nature has to offer.  

Since we manufacture our puzzles onsite, we have full control over the production process, ensuring each and every puzzle meets our highest standards for quality and safety.

High Quality Materials

We take pride in the durability of our puzzles, built to withstand the rigors of play and intensive classroom use. Say goodbye to pressboard and wood alternatives and say hello to the solid durability of plywood. The high quality materials set our puzzles apart and is a testament to our commitment to true craftsmanship. Our puzzles will never “fray” or get rounded on the edges. Our puzzles will not deteriorate from contact with moisture on the edges.

Original and Unique

All of our designs are original and unique hand drawn works of art created in the Puzzle Heads Studio. Drawing from the wonders of nature and childhood adventures, our puzzles ignite the imagination and joy of learning. 

A key aspect in Montessori educational materials is to focus the child’s attention on one concept at a time, to maximize learning. Our puzzles draw on this fundamental tenet by featuring large beautiful images of the subject, with little distraction in the background.

All Learning Environments

Whether you are a parent, teacher or caregiver in a Montessori school or not, Puzzle Heads Educational Products are the perfect addition to all learning environments. What sets our puzzles apart is the meticulous attention to the design principles, which naturally invite sensory exploration, independent discovery and hands on learning.

Designed by Nature. Inspired by Children.