Co-Development / Partnership

The vision at Puzzle Heads Educational is to provide a responsive source to fill a niche for materials that are not available elsewhere. We welcome suggestions for ideas and work with you to supplement classroom materials or to create something new.

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you had that one additional component to add to your existing materials? Or maybe you’d like something very specific and regional that would have great significance to your learners? Have you searched the internet repeatedly and gone down numerous rabbit holes and still came up with nothing? We’ve all been there! This is a sign that you should reach out and ask us about your idea.

Some projects we have worked on include a special geography puzzle map of British Columbia for Montessori schools. This request came from a school looking for a map showing the different regions in the province with a knob on the main city. See the BC Regions map here.

Another project was a collaboration with the Nisga’a First Nation in northern British Columbia to create puzzles of their family clans for use in their language learning program. These are the Eagle Clan puzzle, the Wolf Clan puzzle, the Killer Whale Clan puzzle and the Frog Clan puzzle.

A school district in Alaska wanted a series of puzzles about specific plants and animals in their region. This is how the Bear puzzle came to be.

And some products came about through a contest asking you to vote on what the next puzzle should be. This is how the Pumpkin puzzle was added to the listings.

How Does It Work?

This unique service is handled as a partnership, so no additional custom design fees are charged.  You approach Puzzle Heads with your suggestion or your wish list and together we evaluate the opportunity. Sometimes we require more information about how your product idea is used and who else you think might be interested in it. This is not a one-of custom design service. The products we make must have a larger potential market to sell to, aside from just your school. If your idea is not determined to have a wide enough appeal we will let you know.

Ultimately the item will be added to the Puzzle Heads Educational product line up and made available for anyone to buy through the website. All rights to the artwork, design, final product and proceeds from future sales remain with Puzzle Heads Educational.

However, you have the wonderful satisfaction of seeing your idea come to life! Your insight and creativity in recognizing a niche can now benefit many other educational professionals and students around the world!

Why are we offering this service?

You know as well as we do that there is no shortage of educational materials and toy suppliers available today. In addition, so much of the competition online is based on price. It makes no sense for any business, let alone a small business, to compete in a world that essentially is a race to the bottom based on price. This environment doesn’t support innovation, uniqueness or quality. On the contrary, it forces you to make do with a product that may not be the perfect fit, may be poorly made and of questionable materials.

This service ensures that a small business such as Puzzle Heads is producing products that have a promising potential market. No one wants to waste resources with a “shot in the dark” approach.

It also gives you piece of mind that you are supporting small business, handmade craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and shopping local! Besides that, we’re really nice people!

Ready to share your idea? Send it to us here.