True To Life Human X-rays

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This kit of life-size human x-rays can be arranged to compose a complete body 1.5m (5′) tall! Use them on the light cube table as individual body part x-rays or hold them up to your own body to see yourself inside out. Hold the x-rays up to a light, against a window or on an overhead projector for a classroom discussion.

X-rays are printed on coated plastic and have the look and feel of the real thing. Each x-ray has small icon indicating where the x-ray is located relative to the whole skeleton. Refer to the included guide for some classroom activities and instructions for use. The guide also includes a labeled and unlabeled skeleton chart that can be photocopied for use as worksheets. Pre-printed bone labels, also included, can be photocopied for use in labeling the full size skeleton parts.

Compare the various opacities and densities of the body parts x-rayed, count the bones, and compare and contrast bone structures. This kit provides a treasure trove of inquiry based material than can be explored with the youngest STEM enthusiasts in your classroom to adolescents.

Tip: Although the x-rays are made with coated plastic, laminating them would further protect against eventual wear and tear through normal use.

Package Contains:

18 x-rays, up to 28cm x 33cm (11″ x 13″)

Ilustrated guide

Reproducible charts




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