Wild Animal Rubbing Plates

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What are Wild Animal Rubbing Plates

This set of wild animal rubbing plates includes 10 animal skin textures and patterns. Large sized plates make it easy to cover larger areas in your artwork. As you might remember from childhood simply place a piece of paper over the embossed plastic sheet and rub all over with a crayon (held flat) and watch the image appear.

How to Use Wild Animal Rubbing Plates

But don’t stop there! Take it a step further:

Try using chalk or pastel (spray artwork afterwards with a fixative to help prevent smudging)

Try using pencil crayon or pencil

Try tracing the design first on the embossed plastic with a washable marker then apply a piece of paper on top to create a stamp

Add further details to the finished pieces by colouring with pencil crayons or highlight areas with paint

Turn the plate over and fill the back of the image with white glue mixed with food colouring or acrylic paint. When dry lift out 3D textures ! Snake skin anyone….?

Use on the Educational Light cube

Use the wild animal rubbing plates on the Educational Light Cube for creating your drawings and rubbings. But also try how the 3D textures made out of glue look on the light cube. The addition of sparkles or glitter in your 3D textures gives them pop on the light cube.

Let your creative juices flow and explore these and other ways to bring nature into your classroom.

Try the other rubbing plates too!

We have rubbing plates you can create art for all seasons and occasions with. Try leaf rubbings, flower rubbings, insect rubbings, dinosaur rubbings, snowflake rubbings , animal tracks rubbings and fossil rubbings!

Package Contains:

  • 10 plastic animal skin pattern plates 6.5″ x 9.5″ (17cm x 24cm)
  • Guide full of ideas and descriptions


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Dimensions 31 × 20 × 3 cm


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