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This versatile, artist quality bald eagle watercolour paper is perfect not only for watercolour painting, but sturdy enough for many multimedia drawing uses. Tap into the “Artist in Me!” A wonderful accompaniment to round out a study unit on bald eagles or include in an arts program. Browse other bird unit study materials here.

Pre-Printed Bald Eagle Watercolour Paper

Enjoy exploring painting with these pre-printed bald eagle watercolour paper sheets that feature two different bald eagle designs. Images are faintly printed so that they will disappear when painted over, or coloured in with  markers, coloured pencils or crayons.

It is important to provide quality art materials for students to learn with, to prevent frustration and disappointment. Nothing is worse than having to use mediocre “student quality” materials that just simply do not give pleasing results. These types of experiences may cause a student to decide they don’t like watercolour painting – when in fact the materials are to blame.

Don’t snuff out creativity before it even begins! First impressions stick.

What is included

Each package contains a total of 10 bald eagle watercolour paper sheets – featuring 5 pages each of two different bald eagle images. There are 5 sheets with the image of a bald eagle soaring against the sun, and 5 sheets with the image of a bald eagle landing in a nest in a tree.

Explore painting the same image several different times using different colours or techniques. Or get two or more packages for a class set.

The image of the bald eagle soaring is taken from the booklet that is included with the  Bald Eagle Replica Feather material. It’s a perfect match to continue exploring this activity.

The images are printed on artist quality 140lb cold press watercolour paper.  You will notice that it is very thick, like cardstock. This feature also makes it very versatile to use with other drawing or colouring materials. There are no hard and fast rules when you are being creative!

What is Cold Press 140 lb Watercolour Paper

Artists use several different types of watercolour paper, available from many different manufacturers. You can choose from cold press, hot press or rough. These three types refer to the smoothness of the surface of the paper. Rough is pretty self explanatory, which is a paper that has a pronounced texture or “tooth”. If you imagine taking a piece of chalk and rubbing it across pavement, the mark it leaves would not be very fine or precise. Very little of the chalk would go into the crevices of the road and just skip across the surface bumps.

Cold press and hot press paper refers to the degree of smoothness achieved through compression during manufacturing. Cold press paper has been pressed with more pressure that the rough paper. Similarly, hot press paper has been pressed the most, which yields quite a smooth surface (yes, like it’s been ironed!).

When it comes to painting with watercolours, cold press paper is perhaps the most common, as it is the most versatile. The rough paper will soak up a lot more paint and make fine detail more tricky to render. Conversely the hot press paper tends to be quite slick, so water tends to pool more, instead of getting soaked in.

The weight of the paper is a measurement of the thickness and refers to how much 500 full sheets of paper weighs (before it is cut down to letter or legal size, for example). You may have noticed that the paper you typically use in your printer is 20lb copy paper. Deciphering the weights of different papers can get pretty confusing, so suffice it to say that these watercolour sheets are very thick and perfect for learning watercolour techniques.

Tips for Using These Watercolour Sheets

When you begin painting on your bald eagle watercolour paper, it is best to start with the lighter colours and layer your darker colours on top.

Let your layers dry before starting the next one. This keeps your colours bright and fresh.

This paper is perfectly suited to handle fairly large quantities of water – either by wetting the paper first and then applying colours so that they pool and mingle. This is called the “wet in wet” technique.

Or, use a paintbrush loaded with lots of juicy colour and apply it to the dry paper. Finer detail can be added later once the paper is dry.

Water soluble markers are also a great alternative. Try colouring in areas first, then following with a paintbrush loaded with water.

Experiment with crayons or pencil crayons and treat the sheets like heavyweight drawing paper.

Package Includes:

  • 10 sheets (outline only)
  • 2 designs (5 sheets of 2 different bald eagle images)
  • 9″ x 11.5″ (23cm x  29 cm)

NOTE: Contains preprinted sheets with faint grey outlines. Image samples show examples of finished watercolour paintings.



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Dimensions 23 × 30 × 1 cm


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