Bald Eagle Feather Replica

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Brand new and redesigned full colour booklet!

What is the Bald Eagle Feather?

This unique handmade wooden Bald Eagle feather is the perfect addition to a bird unit study or nature discovery activity. The feather rests on a cedar plank as a place of honour for display. This kit now includes a 24 page full colour booklet with Bald Eagle feather facts.

Using Life-Like Replicas

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but nothing beats hands on learning with life-size replicas. Museums and nature centres have long used touch tables and touch tanks for visual and tactile exploring. Even adults participate alongside their children with the same level of curiosity and interest. Safely handling live animals or life-like replicas enhances engagement and prevents live animals or objects being removed from nature. This is particularly true of Bald Eagles as they are a specially controlled species, with stringent regulations about possession of any Bald Eagle parts (including feathers or body parts).

What is the Bald Eagle Feather Made Of?

Each Bald Eagle Feather replica is handcrafted from thin Baltic birch plywood, sanded to taper the feather edges, handpainted and varnished. The feather is cut and painted to resemble one of the 14 secondary wing feathers.

What is Included in the Booklet?

The booklet included hilights key points about Bald Eagle feathers, how they are used, what they represent and how they can
be used as an instrument to promote peace and understanding. Learning about eagle feathers opens many doors to study peace, honour,
conservation, symbols etc. In Montessori classrooms peace education plays a large role in promoting empathy, harmony and understanding.

Kit Includes:

Bald Eagle Feather replica

Cedar display stand

Bald Eagle facts booklet

Instruction guide

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Dimensions 34 × 11 × 3 cm


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