Monarch Colouring Booklet Outline

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About booklets

Learning about the parts of animals or everyday objects is a quintessential Montessori activity. There are a multitude of ways and materials to support this method of learning. One common way is for the child to make mini colouring booklets. A child first learns the parts of a butterfly by using puzzles and Montessori 3 part cards (nomenclature cards). Then, the child reinforces their learning by creating these booklets themselves. This concept forms an important part of the Montessori curriculum. However, it is an activity that is very adaptable for use in any educational environment.

About this file

This downloadable pdf file contains a layout for creating booklets the children use to colour in the parts of the Monarch butterfly, caterpillar and milkweed fluff. Each image corresponds to my Monarch Nomenclature Puzzle and matching Nomenclature cards. Each booklet page square measures approximately 4″ x 5″ (10cm x 12cm).

How to use this file

Print the file and make as many copies as you need for the number of students.  There are 4 booklet pages per page. Each image has a line underneath for the child to practice printing the corresponding words. Cut each page into the 4 smaller booklet pages along the shaded lines. You will need 10 pieces of the butterfly image and 10 pieces of the caterpillar image and 2 pieces of the milkweed fluff images to make one complete booklet. Alternately, you can assemble 2 separate booklets – one with the butterfly parts and one with the caterpillar and milkweed parts.

How the child uses the booklet

The child colours in one body part of the butterfly per page. Then the child prints the name of that part on the line underneath. Once all the parts are coloured and labelled, hole punch the sheets and lace them together or staple them to create the booklet.

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