Salmon Lifecycle Printable Download

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Salmon Lifecycle Printable Download

This salmon lifecycle printable download is a perfect addition to the Salmon Lifecycle puzzle found here. This printable download bundle is full of many activities to complement Montessori learning, science and math. In addition, all of the printables are in one digital file. This is convenient so that you may print the whole document or just the pages you need.

Included in this Bundle:

– Salmon lifecycle 3-part cards

– Lifecycle definition cards detailing key aspects of each stage

– Sequencing activity mat for the salmon lifecycle, poster and cut and paste labels

– Use the Ten Frame Templates with any counters you prefer

– Use the Number Clip Cards with clothes pegs or counters with numbers from 0 to 10

-Silhouette matching cards of a variety of salmon, bears, fishing boats and gear and fisher folk and children fishing

How to use this file:

Print the file in colour and make as many copies as you need for your classroom use. Please read the Download Agreement provided below, as well as in the document itself. If you have any questions about the permissions for your particular use, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.

Make sure you complete your salmon lifecycle learning materials by adding the matching salmon lifecycle puzzle to go with it!


Download agreement:

By purchasing this file you agree to the following conditions:

You are purchasing ONE LICENSE for one classroom.

This digital file is for your sole use as the original purchaser. Use it in your classroom or other similar educational environment, such as a homeschool. You may make as many copies as needed specifically for this purpose.

You do not have permission to share or sell this digital file in any form, on any platform on the internet or any other digital method.  This includes, but is not limited to, print or otherwise, via email, posting on the internet, sharing sites (even private groups shared by more than one teacher)*, or by any other means. This includes giving it away for free or selling it for any amount of monetary compensation. If you are using this file in any other way besides paying for it and printing it for yourself (and your classroom), you are violating the download agreement. If you have any questions about its use, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Teachers using sharing sites, even private groups within the same school district or school are required to purchase their own digital files.

Please respect the copyrights of creators of digital files that are made available for you in our vast and wonderful digital world. Thank you!


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