Bald Eagle Activity Bundle (Digital)

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Bald Eagle Activity Bundle

This Bald Eagle activity bundle is a downloadable pdf file containing several craft and activity templates used to enrich a nature curriculum, bird study unit or specifically to supplement Bald Eagle studies. The images in this bundle are from the booklet which accompanies the Bald Eagle Feather Replica. This file makes a perfect extension to the Bald Eagle Feather Replica material and ties the two together nicely.

What is included:

– Colouring Pages (4 different Bald Eagle themed images in black line artwork on letter sized paper)
– Cutting Strips (two different full colour pages)
– Eagle Nest with Eaglets (Larry, Curly and Moe) craft templates (makes an 8×10″ (20x26cm) construction
paper nest)
– Bald Eagle with Salmon craft templates (makes a 12″high (30cm) construction paper Bald Eagle)
– Recipe for making a Bald Eagle themed snack.

How to use this file:

Print the file in colour and make as many copies as you need for your classroom use. Cutting strips are in full colour as well as the instruction pages for the crafts (with sample images in colour of how the final craft will look). You may prefer to print the template pages for the two eagle crafts directly on the construction paper or cardstock you plan to cut them from, if your printer is able to accommodate the thicker paper. Refer to the instructions for each craft for more details.

What are Cutting Strips?

What kid doesn’t love cutting things with scissors…and we have all heard the stories of ponytails being cut off and new haircuts being created. Once children have developed the finger strength to properly control scissors, cutting becomes a fun activity. Cutting Strips are used in Montessori classrooms to help develop this skill.

In Montessori classrooms children first practice by snipping pieces of unlined paper – meaning there is no pattern to follow. These are simply strips of assorted coloured paper. The scissors are held above a tray or plate that is used to capture the random snipped cut pieces.

After this skill is perfected, the child will move on to cutting strips of paper with straight lines. For this activity you may use the full colour sheet containing 7 lines of Bald Eagle images. The page is prepared for the child by cutting it into the 7 long horizontal strips. The child then takes ones strip at a time and cuts through the straight lines separating each image. The cut square pieces can be used for collage or other art works.

After the child has perfected straight line cutting they can move on to the wavy lines. Again each page is cut first into the 6 horizontal strips. The child now cuts these strips along the dotted lines lengthwise. This cutting practice further develops manual dexterity and control to follow more difficult line patterns.

Download agreement:

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