Bald Eagle Life Size Foot Replica

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The Bald Eagle foot replica has been redesigned and is now available in gorgeous life-like colours (yellow foot with black talons).

What is the Bald Eagle Life Size Foot Replica

A mold is made from a real Bald Eagle foot. The replica is made from phthalate free vinyl, which is also easy to clean.  Use this replica foot to make your own animal tracks by pressing it into clay, playdoh or salt dough. The replica is a unique addition to explore at a nature table for some tactile fun. The vinyl is very durable and easy to clean with soap and water. The procedure for making this unique replica reproduces all of the features of the Bald Eagle foot in fine detail.

Using Life-Like Replicas

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but nothing beats hands on learning with life-size replicas. Museums and nature centres have long used touch tables and touch tanks for visual and tactile exploring. Even adults can participate alongside their children with the same level of curiosity and interest. Safely handling live animals or life-like replicas enhances engagement, as well as preventing live animals or objects being removed from nature. This is particularly true of Bald Eagles as they are a specially controlled species. There are stringent regulations about the possession of any Bald Eagle parts (including feathers or body parts).

Kit Includes

This kit is an exclusive product for Puzzle Heads Educational. It includes the life size eagle foot replica, a Bald Eagle fact sheet as well as an instruction guide with activities. No Bald Eagles were harmed in making this replica. Animals in captivity, zoos or rescue centres are used to make the replicas.

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