Montessori Monarch Butterfly Nomenclature Puzzle

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Monarch Butterfly puzzle designed with multi level learning features built right in. Read butterfly facts under the pieces, compare how big an actual Monarch is and learn how to tell which end is the head of the caterpillar. Did you know there’s a quick and easy way to tell whether you are looking at a male or female Monarch? Even if you are not a budding entomologist, you will become much more curious about the insect world after learning about Monarchs. Download the Free Monarch puzzle learning guide from the Montessori Printables and Templates page!

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Unique high quality wooden Montessori puzzles handcrafted with non toxic paints and finishes. Knobs on pieces encourage development of pincer grip in preparation for holding a pencil and learning to write. Knobs are the same as ones found on other common Montessori puzzles and puzzle maps. Images are silkscreened with water based, non toxic paints on Baltic Birch plywood and finished with water based varnish. Matching nomenclature cards available separately. Solid plywood construction ensures corners will never get rounded or look “frayed”.


  •  Monarch butterfly, milkweed fluff and a caterpillar larva on a milkweed leaf
  •  11 knobbed pieces
  •  Caterpillar is cut in three pieces to allow comparison of the two ends – which end is the head ??
  •  Caterpillar feet are cut with a pointy zig zag to hilight the pointed thoracic feet (head end) and a flattened cut to hilight the flat rear feet
  •  Pieces cut to match my nomenclature card sets (Wings, Abdomen/Thorax, Head, Antennae, Caterpillar, Milkweed Leaf)
  •  Size: 11″ x 11″

Handmade in Canada.


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