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It’s so hard to find these traditional Montessori puzzles and I am so grateful you were able to provide such beautiful and engaging materials. My students have been repeatedly using our parts of a pumpkin puzzle this past month and I look forward to sharing our parts of an...


This is a well made puzzle perfect for ages 3-6 and its a wonderful symbol for the 4th of July. It’s also a great way to introduce young children to the majestic bird of prey.


The details are precise and the quality of the material is exceptional. I placed it in my Botany shelf and it made a great addition to the theme of pumpkin study. I have received several compliments from other teachers. I would definitely continue similar products like this one.


Truly OUTSTANDING puzzle that every child should have!!!!!! The illustration is scientifically detailed and accurate, at the child’s level, and ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! So are the wood-finishings!!!!!! The topic satisfies a child’s curiosity and at the same time embraces him/her in the warmth and security of the “womb”….. A MUST-HAVE!!!!!!!