What are Environmentally Friendly Peat Alternatives?

If you haven’t read the post about peat bogs and why they are a fragile, non-renewable resource, make sure you read it here. In this post you will learn about interesting and innovative peat alternatives.  Why Do We Need a Peat Alternative? Some gardeners and the nursery trade will still argue for the benefits of […]

Easy DIY Newspaper Seedling Pots

Here’s a perfect classroom activity to DIY newspaper seedling pots instead of buying peat pellets. Have you read the post on why we need to find alternatives to using peat and preserve the centuries old peat bogs? If not, make sure you read it here. And if you need ideas for peat alternatives, read about […]

3 DIY Tips to Fix Puzzle Knobs

Are lost, loose or broken puzzle knobs the bane of your day? How did another one fall off yet again?? Fear not, a little maintenance and properly reattaching the knobs is all that is needed. The key word here of course is – properly. Now that school is drawing to a close for the summer […]

DIY Seed Tape in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s a fantastic little activity that is perfect for the budding little gardeners in your classroom or at home. You’ll have all the materials readily available from home, except perhaps seeds. Excellent spring classroom activity You may have noticed that some plant and vegetable seeds are now available for purchase already embedded in a long […]

Peat Bogs and Marshes Glossary

  Here’s a few glossary terms to get you started for developing a unit on peat bogs, marshes, wetlands, the plants and animals that live there and the importance of conservation. I never thought of “mire” coming from the word “quagmire”, or even that you can use “mire” as a term all by itself. A […]

For Peat’s Sake – Save the Peat Bogs !

When spring is in the air, chances are you start thinking about seed starting. Before you go to the garden centre to stock up on peat pellets, make sure you read this post first. Peat bogs are extremely valuable resources that take centuries to form – yes, centuries. To learn about this fragile ecosystem and […]

Ladybugs – Predators of the Garden

The main food source for Ladybugs are aphids – those tiny pesky green bugs that can infest roses, flowers and fruit and vegetable plants. If left to multiply undeterred, aphids will seem to completely envelope a branch or leaf as they happily suck the fluids out of the plants. This is unfortunately usually when you notice them, after a closer look at […]

Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

    Mmmmmmm…Cinnamon! It’s funny how certain spices are associated with particular holidays and foods, just like certain colours have become associated with different festive themes. Cinnamon is one of my favourite spices so I look forward to unpacking the Christmas decorations every year and finding the Cinnamon Ornament my daughter made in her casa […]

Halloween Grace and Courtesy

Nobody can deny that the internet has become a vast repository for all sorts of information and is the foremost “go-to” place when you need an answer or inspiration for something. In fact, it’s no wonder that so many additional services, apps, lists and sites have cropped up over the years to try and curate what […]

How Many Spots Does A Ladybug Have?

You may be surprised to know that ladybugs come in a wide variety of colors and numbers of spots. The ubiquitous red ladybug is most often seen in the garden and in backyards but it has also morphed into company logos, children’s clothing and décor motifs, toys, and the like making it the most recognizable and […]

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