Back to School !

  Depending on who is uttering that phrase….”Back to School!” it can mean anything from “Yaay!” to the excited keener ready to get back to see old friends, meet new ones and learn new things, “$$$$$$” to advertisers (sell, Sell, SELL !!!), to “Whew!” to the exhausted mom looking forward to a few hours break from the […]

Enjoy the Summer!

  Well I’ve heard of the dog days of summer but cats……? Honestly. I think my cat Renoir is trying to tell me it’s time to take a little break. We’ll be away from the studio and workshop from Aug 9th to 26th enjoying some R&R in the summer sun. We’ve had a dry spell […]

International Montessori Congress 2013

Do you know about the International Montessori Congress happening July 31-Aug 3, 2013 in Portland Oregon? It’s the first time the Congress has been in the USA since 1972, and now so close to Vancouver, BC !! It is THE Congress that was originally established by Maria Montessori herself in 1929 and is held in […]

Birding Revisited – It Worked!

Recently my husband watched as a cocky Steller’s Jay perched on the roof of a small birdhouse we have on a tall pole in the backyard that sparrows nest in every year. The raucous troublemaker kept reaching down and poking its long beak into the hole in the front trying to get at the terrified babies nesting […]

Monarch Butterfly or Impostor?

I’ve been fascinated by Monarch butterflies ever since I was a child. It must be because they were so plentiful in Ontario where I grew up. It was so summery to watch them flit about in the yard and fields on our farm. The caterpillars were equally bountiful. I guess it was because of the […]


Spring is in the air here on the coast in British Columbia, well in truth it has been for several weeks, but I didn’t want to rub it in if you are still snowbound somewhere or experiencing frigid temperatures. The good news is that if your spring flowers are not in bloom yet and the […]


Welcome to my brand new website and my brand new blog! I ‘m very pleased with how my website has turned out and hope you will find useful and interesting information to come back to time and again. As the first entry for my blog I thought introductions might be in order. I am a […]

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