How Many Spots Does A Ladybug Have?

You may be surprised to know that ladybugs come in a wide variety of colors and numbers of spots. The ubiquitous red ladybug is most often seen in the garden and in backyards but it has also morphed into company logos, children’s clothing and décor motifs, toys, and the like making it the most recognizable and […]

Enjoy the Summer!

  Well I’ve heard of the dog days of summer but cats……? Honestly. I think my cat Renoir is trying to tell me it’s time to take a little break. We’ll be away from the studio and workshop from Aug 9th to 26th enjoying some R&R in the summer sun. We’ve had a dry spell […]


Welcome to my brand new website and my brand new blog! I ‘m very pleased with how my website has turned out and hope you will find useful and interesting information to come back to time and again. As the first entry for my blog I thought introductions might be in order. I am a […]

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