Animal Track Stampers

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What Are Animal Track Stampers

Animals track stampers are a fun extension activity to use when learning about animal tracks. Perfect for all ages to use in crafts and decorating projects.

How To Use Animal Track Stampers

This set of 24 animal track stampers are made from dense foam. The stampers can be dipped in paint or brushed with a loaded paint brush. Each precut stamper comes in an individual block. Each block has the front and hind footprint of the animal.  Simply press out the foam shape pieces to reveal the track. This is probably best done by an adult so that the pieces aren’t lost. Wait – you mean you should keep those pieces? Yes! Read on!

Positive and Negative Space Stampers

By pushing out the inner foam pieces, this creates a “negative space” stamper. In art and design, negative space is defined as the space around the image. In this case, the foam that surrounds the hollow area of the pushed out pieces forms the negative space of the track. When this stamper is used it will print the outside and leave the track white (or whatever colour your paper is).

To make a positive space stamper, don’t throw away those pieces you pushed out of the blocks! Make sure you collect them in groups associated with the original stamper. Carefully glue those little pieces on to pieces of wood or heavy cardboard to create a positive space stamper. Use the block it came from to see how to arrange all the pieces. Now you also have a positive space stamper! This stamper will print only the track and not the outside.

Get creative with your stamping and post a review of what you make! Don’t forget to check out the animal tracks rubbing plates and animal skins rubbing plates.

Package Includes

Foam stampers for 12 common animals – one front and one hind print of each one for a total of 24 stampers

Sizes vary from approximately 1″ – 4″ (2.5 – 10cm)



Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 4 cm


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