Color Diffusing Paper Flowers

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Color diffusing paper flowers are perfect for a Spring craft, Mother’s Day, Earth Day or Remembrance Day poppies anyone? How about simply April Showers Bring May Flowers….

What is Color Diffusing Paper

Color diffusing paper is a versatile craft paper with a fabric-like texture that absorbs and blends watery liquids in wonderful ombre effects. It is available in various large precut shapes suitable for many educational activities, seasons and celebrations. See the other listings for paper hearts, paper leaves , paper feathers or paper sheets to cut your own shapes.

Using Color Diffusing Paper

With the paper flowers ready to go, assemble your paints, inks, watercolors or markers. You’ll need pipettes, eye droppers, or brushes to apply the liquid colors. Also, you’ll need a small spray bottle of clear water if you are using washable markers.

Lay the flower shapes on a tray or surface covered in newspaper, plastic or a drop cloth. The paper will absorb a fair amount of liquid, but some may seep through underneath so protect your surfaces.

Color Options Galore

Many types of water based colors can be used. Try these:

  • Water colors
  • Food Coloring
  • Tempera paint
  • Dyes
  • Washable markers (draw directly on paper and drip, splatter or paint clear water on top – a good option for toddlers with the least mess!)

How-To Techniques

Drip and drop watercolors, inks, food colors or other watered down paint using either pipettes, eye droppers or brushes. Watch the colors merge and mingle and diffuse all over the paper.

Simply change the colors and create a whole new look from red Remembrance Day poppies to multicolored spring bouquets.

  • Paint colors directly using a brush
  • Drip colors with pipettes or eye droppers
  • Splatter colors with a toothbrush
  • Dip an edge into the colors and watch it creep up
  • Wet the paper first with clear water and drip colors on top
  • Draw on paper with white crayon or pastel first to act as a resist, then color (secret messages anyone…)

Use for Decorations

Use your beautiful diffusing paper flowers to decorate a bulletin board, adorn your windows or hang from the ceiling. Once dry add further embellishment with glitter or markers. Stack two or three together, attach to a pipe cleaner or straw and create a layered flower. Stack layered flowers together then gently bundle them up into a flower bud. Make a garland. Use in place of a bow on a gift. Let your imagination soar!

Package Includes:

  • 80 Flowers, 4 shapes
  • Approximately 8″ diameter (18cm)
  • Instruction Guide




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