Montessori Red Ladybug Nomenclature Puzzle

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Unique, high quality wooden Montessori Ladybug puzzle handcrafted with non toxic paints and finishes.

What are Montessori Nomenclature Puzzles?

The Montessori philosophy features a strong emphasis on learning the “parts of” things as well as the proper word for describing each part. “Nomenclature” is a term used in the sciences in particular, which describes the system of naming things. Whether scientists are referring to chemical compounds or plants, a system of nomenclature is used to reduce confusion and increase accuracy.

Dr. Maria Montessori used her scientific background in applying this system to her educational pedagogy. For example, when teaching children about turtles, the turtle does not just have a “shell” but a “plastron” (the belly) and a “carapace” (the ‘shell’). Children love to learn the proper terms for things and do not bat an eye when speaking about a butterfly’s “proboscis” or “abdomen”.

In a typical Montessori Casa classroom (the 3-6 year old group), these are the types of words that a child is learning, and is very capable of learning. Many a parent has been educated by their young Montessori child about the scientific name for animal or plant part!

The Ladybug Nomenclature Puzzle

This Ladybug puzzle is designed with the Montessori nomenclature system in mind. The puzzle is cut into the main body parts. The body parts are named on the reverse of each puzzle piece. In addition, there are insect facts printed on the base of the puzzle underneath the pieces.

So, for example, a ladybug does not just have “wings”. The red “wings” are actually called elytra and are not used for flying. The elytra are hard protective coverings for the delicate flying wings hidden underneath.

In addition, the knobs on the pieces encourage the development of the pincer grip. The pincer grip is a precursor skill in preparation for holding a pencil and learning to write. The knobs are just the right size for a child to have to negotiate the hand-eye control to grab the knob, and secondly to pinch three fingers into the pincer grip to pick up the piece.

Not Just for Montessori Schools

Although the features and design of this puzzle are in line with the Montessori philosophy, all children can benefit from the learning opportunities it represents. Whether you have a classroom in a traditional elementary or primary school, or are engaged in homeschooling, this puzzle can form the basis for lesson plans and activities for all children.

Ladybugs of the World

There are over 5,000 species of ladybugs around the world. In fact, there are almost 500 species in North America alone. This puzzle features the common 7 spot red ladybug and is perhaps the most recognizable of all ladybugs.

But don’t let your learning stop there. Download the free Lost Ladybug Project poster here to learn about the rare 9 spot Ladybug and help in the conservation efforts to track its whereabouts.

Check out the ladybug nomenclature cards here for an abundance of body part names for both from the top side and belly side of ladybugs.

Puzzle Construction

Images are silkscreened with water based non toxic paints on Baltic Birch plywood and finished with water based varnish.

Solid plywood construction ensures corners will never get rounded or look “frayed”.


  • Common red ladybug with 7 spots
  • 10 knobbed pieces
  • Pieces cut to match the Ladybug nomenclature card set here
  • Body parts printed on reverse of puzzle pieces
  • Insect facts printed on puzzle base
  • Size: 11″ x 11″

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