Bird Dominoes Game – Beaks that Tweet !

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All new for 2022!

This wooden Bird Dominoes game is the perfect solution for an easy to pack travel game, as well as a fun twist on the traditional game you know and love. The bright and colourful bird images make this version more easily accessible to play with younger kids or with mixed age groups.

About the Game

This wooden bird dominoes game consists of the traditional 28 tile set. There are 6 different birds featured ranging from common North American birds to common exotics.

Many learning opportunities exist for all ages to pick their favourite birds and learn more about their habitats and life cycles.

The game tiles are created from the offcuts from the puzzle making process, keeping excess wood out of the landfill and upcycling in the process. This ensures you have the same high quality Baltic birch construction as our puzzles and are helping to make use of otherwise scrap material.

Tiles are sanded smooth and printed in durable inks to ensure many years of fun.

What is included

28 wooden bird dominoes

Cloth drawstring bag



Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm


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